STI Field Test 7 Software.

Graphic Signal Coverage at Your Fingertips.

STI Field Test 7 is the backbone of the STI-9400 and STI-9450 systems. Field Test 7 controls a receiver to make signal measurements on multiple frequencies during a drive-test. The Field Test 7 comes complete with USB GPS receiver/antenna, automated signal measurement and analysis capabilities, and street map data for the entire US and Canada.

Download the STI Field Test 7 Brochure.

While conducting drive-tests the position of historical measurements, the current position of the vehicle and the street map of the area are displayed in real time. The latest measurement results for all the frequencies measured are also displayed during the drive-test. At any point, the operator can stop measurements and create a coverage map from the measured data. Contour plots are a good way to identify signal anomalies which require more measurement detail while the test vehicle is still in the area. Once contour reports are generated, they can be exported to Google Maps and overlaid onto 3D terrain data.
With Field Test 7, signal measurements can be analyzed using “Area Statistics” or “Contour Plots” showing signal coverage. Contour plots are the best method to graphically display large amounts of data in an easy to understand format. Street map data is printed out on these reports as geographic reference for the signal coverage results. The record of measurements or “Log File” is easily exported to other other analysis tools or to calibrate predictive software models.

Field Test 7 from Survey Technologies, Inc. is available today and currently supports Tait Test radios for P-25 phase 1, phase 2 and DMR coverage and quality studies, as well as, various radio test sets and spectrum analyzers you might already own.

STI provides excellent software support and maintenance through email or our web page with a current service subscription.

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