Survey Technologies Capabilities.

Drive Testing

Automating setup and measurement of the selected receivers, test mobiles or other solutions during drive-tests, STI Field Test 7 displays the position of measurements, the GPS location of the measurement vehicle on a street map of the area for real time user information. Measurement results are also displayed at each location. At any time, the operator can stop measurements and create a coverage map from the project data. Contour plots are a good way to identify signal anomalies that require more measurement detail while the test vehicle is still in the area. Once contour reports are generated, they can be exported to online map data.

The locations of measurements and the colored results can also be created for display with onboard maps or online maps.


This optional feature allows bitmaps of building floor plans to be loaded into Field Test 7 software. Then indoor RF coverage tests are automated during the walk around or stationary tests. STI Field Test 7 can automatically produce contour plots of the signal coverage inside buildings, schools, hospitals, etc. after indoor measurements have been collected. These plots brilliantly show RF signal coverage and identify signal anomalies which require further investigation with point and area statistical analysis. A new enhancement to the indoor capability is Tile measurement and analysis. This is a direct benefit for NFPA and other first responder indoor coverage testing requirements.

Compliance Testing

Tiling is an optional feature of STI Field Test 7 software and therefore an option on the STI-9400. Tile testing works by dividing a geographic region into equal size rectangles in order to quantify signal coverage. Tiles can be viewed while acquiring signal measurements so the driver knows when a qualifying number of measurements have been made in each tile, validating the test tile. After RF measurement data has been acquired, the tile analysis tool will analyze and plot various parameters for each tile such as signal strength, BER and audio quality. The test tiles are analyzed for tile average or the percent of measurements above a threshold level within each tile. Tile reports can be made that show details of the measurements within each tile and/or a summary of the tiles tested. STI Field Test 7 creates an MS Access compatible database of tile statistics which is used by STI Field Test 7 for creating compliance test reports.