Survey Technologies provides the tools you need to accurately and completely verify your wireless system coverage.

STI Field Test 7 Software

STI Field Test 7 software is integrated with the more complete solutions below or can be used to automate an RF instrument you may already own. Test Mobile and Test Portable radios are available from Survey technologies to capture DMR or P-25 phase 1 or 2 signal analytics. Analog radios can be used for Audio Quality Tests on legacy wireless systems. Field Test 7 can have drive test and indoor project functionality as well as complete measurement automation, data reduction and reporting capabilities. Field Test 7 comes with a USB drive, GPS receiver antenna, manual and street data.

Field Test 7 software is sold directly through STI and our independent sales representatives. Field Test 7 is also resold worldwide through Astronics / Freedom (option: R8-FT7) and VIAVI (option AC25081). The option numbers above are available from these respective manufacturers to provide STI Field Test 7 directly to their customers for use with their digital radio test sets.

Make sure to take a look at some of the Solutions we offer for: system wide coverage and performance testing the BSQM Go Case, up-link testing the Rx-Tx Go Case, multi band or multi technology coverage testing the Multi-Rx Go Case.

STI Field Test 7 Package

The STI Field Test 7 package includes Field Test 7 integrated into a Toughbook touchscreen controller with rugged shipping storage container and mounting hardware. You just need an instrument driver or test radio to complete your system.

Shown here with the optional Test Mobile for P-25 or DMR coverage tests.

The STI-9400 Laptop Signal Measurement & Analysis System

Unboxing the STI-9400 signal measurement and analysis system.

From measurement to report, it’s the most complete, cost-effective, and easy-to-use laptop signal analysis system on the market. Now you can test and analyze RF signal coverage completely, get real time results, and even print your reports while in the field. The STI-9400 series systems incorporates a Toughbook touchscreen controller preinstalled with STI Field Test 7, an integrated 1MHz to 1GHz scanning receiver, rugged shipping container, mounting hardware, GPS and street data to fully automate drive test measurement, analysis and report of RF signal coverage across geography. Critical for new site setup, proof of performance and ongoing system maintenance, the STI-9400 quickly and effectively translates large amounts of RSSI measurement data into clear concise reports.

The STI-9450 Signal Measurement & Analysis Kit

The STI-9450 is essentially the same scanning receiver based signal measurement and analysis system as the STI-9400, except you supply the laptop computer. The STI-9450 includes STI Field Test 7 software, an integrated 1MHz to 1GHz scanning receiver, rugged shipping container, mounting hardware, GPS and street map.