Receiver options compatible with STI Field Test 7, the STI-9400, and the STI-9450.

RF interfaces for STI Field Test 7 and the STI Field Test 7 Package range from specialized test radios to radio test sets and analog to digital converters.

Test Mobile and Portable Radios





Test mobile and portable radios are available for standalone use with STI Field Test 7 or the Field Test 7 Package fro RSSI and BER signal analytic measurements during drive tests or indoor projects. Phase 1 measurements are made on the standard 1011 Hz test pattern transmitted by a base station or repeater. Project 25 phase 2 and DMR measurements are made from a repeaters 1031 pattern. Currently test radios are available for VHF, UHF, 700 and 800.

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Sonim Technologies

For LTE coverage measurements of RSRP and RSRQ consider our Sonim LTE test phone and interface. This solution operates with the Sonim XP8 test phone to make LTE signal measurements. The recorded measurements include RSRP and RSRQ of the serving site, as well as the signal analytics of the measured or heard neighboring sites. Field Test 7 communicates with the Sonim XP8 via Sonim’s magnetic port to USB interface cable supplied with the Sonim XP8. This solution is capable of measuring LTE Bands 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08, 12, 17, and 14.

General Purpose Instruments

Freedom Communication Technologies R8100 and R8000 Test Sets

Frequency Range from up to 3 GHz. The R8000B,C Interface will automate measurements on a series of channels and record signal power levels about 1 per second, It will also conduct Bit Error Rate and Modulation Fidelity measurements on a variety of protocols and test patterns.

Aeroflex 8800S, 3550 and 3920 Radio Test Sets

The Aeroflex interface drivers will automate measurements of signal strength on a series of channels or bit error rate and modulation fidelity on a P-25 test pattern during a coverage tests. The 3920 can measure TETRA coverage and quality. The 3550 is a handheld radio test set option.

A/D Converter

The National Instruments A/D converter interface allows for calibrated RSSI measurements to be recorded during drive tests from most any mobile radio. It also is used in the STI Audio Quality Testing Solution.

Anritsu E Series Analyzers

STI supports a general driver for RSSI and BER measurements or spectrum analyzer sweeps of multiple frequencies for the E series of handheld analyzers.

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