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Survey Technologies Independent Sales Representatives

Northwest: Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, W. Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming

• Alster Communications [WEBSITE]

West: California, Arizona and Nevada

• Jack Hoffman Associates [WEBSITE]

Midwest: Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Kentucky and West Virginia

• Capitol Electronics [WEBSITE]

South: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and Louisiana

• DH Sales Group [WEBSITE]


• Argosy Communication Products LTD. [WEBSITE]

Other Regions:

• Survey Technologies, Inc. [CONTACT]

Product Specific Sales Channels

Provider of the STI Filed Test 7 Viavi bundle. Sold as Option AC 25081 with digital radio test sets and spectrum analyzers. This accessory includes drive test and indoor measurement capability, the Viavi driver suite, and tiling capability for quantifying coverage.

Provider of the STI Field Test 7 Freedom CTE bundle. Sold as Option R8-FT7 with the R8000b,c and R8100 radio test sets. This option includes drive test and indoor measurement capability, the Freedom CTE R8X00 driver, and tiling capabiliy for quantifying coverage.