BSQM Go Case

Best Server Quality Measurement (BSQM) option provides a method for measuring signal strength and frame error rate on the best available channels in a P-25 system topology with many possible channels. This provides system coverage and performance statistics for the system dynamically under test 4 layers deep. Doing this eliminates the need to re-drive areas of site overlap numerous times, providing the system information 4 layers deep in one drive test. Sampling with the test mobiles satisfies the 40lambda criteria.

For more information read a Rural Radio article by Jonathan Nally.



RX-TX Go Case

Up link and down link P-25 phase1 testing with one drive test. The Survey Technologies Rx-Tx Go Case is an extension of Field Test 7 that provides the capability to measure down link signal strength and BER on a test channel being transmitted from a site, as well as, transmit the needed up link signal for RSSI and BER measurements at the site (requires Test Mobile and STI Field Test 7 for uplink measurements). This solution combined with the needed site side equipment, enables up link and down link testing in a single drive test.


Multi-RX Go Case

The Survey Technologies Multi-Rx Go Case provides a way to combine up to 4 radios into a single wheeled transportation case. This solution enables RSSI and BER measurements of up to 4 frequencies in any band covered by the Tait test mobiles. This solutions can be used for site-side measurements during uplink testing or in the drive-test vehicle for measuring signals from multiple bands in one drive test.


LTE Coverage Testing for the AT&T / FirstNet Critical communications Network

This solution is designed to operate with the Sonim XP8 test phone to make LTE signal measurements. The recorded measurements include RSRP and RSRQ of the serving site, as well as the signal analytics of the measured or heard neighboring sites. Field Test 7 communicates with the Sonim XP8 via Sonim’s magnetic port to USB interface cable supplied with the Sonim XP8. This solution is capable of measuring LTE Bands 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 07, 08,  12, 17, and 14.

Audio Quality Test

The Audio Quality Test option combines the ability to measure RSSI voltage, converted to signal strength through a calibration table, with the ability to digitize a sample of audio signal and compute SINAD or DAQ from the sample. Either one or two tones are broadcast from the site under test using the audio generator connected to the site audio input. The STI AQT System includes data acquisition hardware and software and a specialized audio sample analysis capability. The STI AQT is designed to operate on a communication system by continuously transmitting audio test signals generated by the STI AQT Generator while in a test vehicle Field Test 7 is used to acquire signal intensity and audio quality data from the customer mobiles during drive tests.

PTT / GPS Timer

The STI PTT/GPS timer can be combined with other STI products to synchronize data acquisition in intermittent signal testing situations. A laptop running the STI GPS Timer application and AQT Test Generator can be used at the transmission site to transmit a time synchronized test signal to the STI-9400 in the mobile vehicle.

The STI PTT / GPS Timer can also be used for uplink testing requirements. By adding the STI PTT-Switch / GPS Timer, a mobile transmitter in the test vehicle can be used to synchronously transmit a test signal up to the site for measurements by Field Test 7 done at the site. Lastly measured data from the site and location data from the mobile transmissions can be combined during post processing to show uplink coverage and performance. There is a PTT/ GPS timer built into the Rx/Tx Go case and one is also used with the site side measurements in the uplink test configurations.

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